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#3) My First Meaningless Sex

#3) My First Meaningless Sex

Now that I’d been studying seduction for a short while, and since I was completely alone, I was definitely on the lookout to meet and pick up some new girls.

Now, my best friend from high school (we’ll call him Dex) was living on a nearby campus and having a lot of fun party times.  So I decided to start hanging out with him more and getting out there and meeting people.  He was a real natural with girls, so it could work well that we were both now single.

One night we ended up going to a concert with a girl who lived in his dorm, and her friend.  He was making his moves on the friend, and I had my eye on the girl who lived in his dorm, though she was slightly less attractive than his girl.  She was like a 6.5 out of 10, but I thought she had nice eyes.  Whatever.

So I talked to this girl a little at the concert and she seemed to be into me, but I wasn’t sure.  I was very nervous and never wanted to make the move myself, even though my pickup artist gurus all wrote about the importance of leading and making the moves.

So nothing happened the night that I met her, but I had her in mind and I knew she lived on the same floor as my buddy Dex, so I’d probably run into her again.

The next week, I went to visit him at his dorm to drink with some of his friends, and indeed she was there.  I was really awkward, but kept catching her eye and talked with her a little bit.

I was nervous.  I kept taking opportunities to talk with her about whatever I could think of, and we were both drinking so that definitely helped things along.

I ended up hanging out in her dorm room still trying to make conversation.  I was not very good at making random conversation back then, in fact I remember it feeling very awkward with lots of pauses.

The whole time I was thinking about opportunities I could take to try to make a move on her, but I just didn’t know how to do it.  I saw this weird coiled metal thing sitting there, so I asked what it was.

“It’s a head massager” She replied.

“Really?  How does it work?”

“Here, I’ll show you!”

She put this weird thing on my head, and it was awesome!  It scratched me in the most delightful way.  I wanted one.

“Wow that’s seriously amazing.  Let me try it on you.”

So I put the thing on her head and she made delighted sounds, and I thought, SHIT I need to make a move right now.  This is the time, we’re doing something kind of sensual.  I must man up and do this right now.

And with that, I went to make out with her.  And to my delight, she was all about it.

We started furiously making out and groping each other.  I turned off the lights, we got under the covers, and after a few minutes of further groping, I asked her if she had a condom.  She got one, and we banged.  Third girl I banged ever! Woo!

Afterwards, I was no longer so interested in hanging out with her.  She did not seem nearly so attractive afterwards.  Hmm, interesting.  This is the first girl I banged who I wasn’t in love with when I did it.

I felt good though, like I’d just conquered something.  I felt like more of a man.  I wanted more of this… probably not with this girl, but with lots of others.  And I would get what I wanted.

I put my clothes on, and went down the hall to the bathroom.  I washed my hands and stuff, and then went back to hanging out with my friends.

I never really talked to that girl again.  I felt really awkward whenever I would see her around and I’d divert my eyes.  Every so often I’d see her on the college buses or something for the next 3 years, but never said a word.  She put on a couple pounds in the coming years.  Oh well.

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