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#10) An Awful Looking Friend from High School

#10) An Awful Looking Friend from High School

Pickup isn’t always pretty, and either are some of the women that I’ve fucked on my path to getting good at this stuff.

While analyzing my list of girls I’ve hooked up with, it’s clear to me that I went through a serious slump after the debacle that happened with numbers 8 and 9.  I don’t know if I had some kind of mental block or what, but I’m pretty sure that that experience set me back a few months in my learning curve.  My social circle was pretty much destroyed, and with that went my sources of  sex.

You see, as I was first learning pickup, pretty much all the hookups I got were through some kind of social circle, or just being in the right place at the right time.  I had no game.  Straight up, I couldn’t seduce a lamp-post.  I was just getting more accustomed to putting myself out there into the arena, and when you go out partying all the time, you’re literally bound to run into someone who will bang out.  Just by sheer luck really.

So for the next couple months, I was working on a couple different girls but I kept encountering this issue where I was deathly afraid to escalate.  I still kick myself for this when reading this list, because I missed out on a MAJOR hottie that was really into me that I met in one of my classes.. but due to chodeliness and lack of balls, I waited way way too long to make a move on her.  I got dropped into the friend zone, and when I finally got the balls to make a move, my window of acceptable sexual escalation was long closed and I got rejected.  Hard.  It was awkward.

So I learned my lesson.  You have to close.  You have to escalate. HAVE TO.  There is no seduction without physical escalation, and you have to constantly be moving forward.

But it really took me a good few months if not over a year to get that issue handled.. Resulting in mostly sexless life and frustration.  And sometimes, going after girls that were way beneath my standards due to sheer frustration with the fact that I could not get laid.  My self-esteem was taking a beating as I was trying to meet these new women and just getting rejected quite a bit.  It sucked.

Basically, I barely remember what happened with #10.  All I know is that it was the summer between my sophomore and junior year, and I was hanging out with some kids I knew from high school, and one of them was this nice girl who was cool to hang out with, but she was really unfortunate looking.  A little overweight, wore way too much makeup, naturally unattractive face… etc.

Bottom line, I was drunk off my ass and banged her in a car, or something.  I honestly don’t remember because after I realized what I had done, I didn’t want to think about fucking her ever again, so I’ve pretty much blocked this out of my memory.  It definitely happened, but I do not know the details.

Chalk this one up to a stupid, drunk fuck.

This is actually my first experience with banging a chick I was totally not attracted to, though there will be a few more of these stories to come.. especially the next few girls I banged while I was getting out of my slump. Basically I had almost an entire year of banging infrequently and low quality girls before I started to get to the next level in my game.  And that’s when shit got awesome.

So, double-digits.  In the least glorious fashion!

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