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#4) How I Banged A Future NFL Cheerleader

#4) How I Banged A Future NFL Cheerleader

It was the summer after my first year in college.  I was hanging out with m best friend and we got the idea to call up these two chicks we went to high school with that we thought we might be able to hook up with.  One was a redhead with a little extra on her, and the other was an asian girl that I had always had a thing with, but never really capitalized on.  I actually brought her to junior prom but nothing ever came of it.  However, since then she’d really filled out and her body was extra tight.  She was definitely a worthy target.

So it turns out that they were both staying at the redhead’s place that night because her parents were away.  Perfect!  We brought over some wine and the four of us started drinking and watching tv and just hanging out.

Well, my buddy ended up drinking so much wine that he passed out.  Also, the asian girl went into a bedroom and it seemed like she was going to sleep too.

It was me and the redhead left awake, and I started getting a little physical with her on the couch… we started making out, then went to her room.  Sweet.  However, she wouldn’t let me get into her pants, and when I tried to get her to blow me she said that she has some weird condition where her jaw won’t expand.. like lockjaw or something.  I was like, what the fuck you’re clearly lying.  But she stuck to the story, so… whatever.

I sucked on her giant tits for a while and kept trying to get into her pants, to no avail.  Dammit.

I decided to go to the bathroom.

On my way there, I passed the asian girl’s room and decided to see if she was awake.  I walked in.

“Hey.  You awake?”

“Hi.  Sort of.  What’s up?”

“Umm.. nothing.  Just kinda bored.  I’m still up drinking.  Drink more!”

I sat down on her bed and put my arm around her while handing her my glass of wine.  She took a sip.  I looked at her and went in to kiss her.  She kissed me back.

We started hooking up pretty seriously.  I took her shirt off and sucked on her tiny asian nipples.  I grabbed her firm asian ass.

She was putting up no resistance.

I started fingering her.  I took her pants off.  I fingered her more and made out with her.  I sucked on her titties more. I put a condom on.  We had sex.

We talked afterwards while holding each other.  I actually kind of liked this girl.  I’d known her for a long time and we’d always flirted back and forth.  And finally, almost 6 years after we first met, we fucked each other.

I was hoping that we could turn it into a regular thing.  That would be pretty awesome.  She was hot.. even though she went to school a few states away, and school was starting up again pretty soon.

We fell asleep.

In the morning, I could see the two girls talking to each other.  I knew what they were discovering.

They weren’t really in the mood to talk after that.  My friend and I left.

The next semester I found out that she had transferred to an extremely strict christian college where religion was a major part of the curriculum.  The kind of school where kids don’t drink or do drugs, they just sit around talking about God all the time.  Later that year, I checked her facebook and she was dating this 90-pound balding kid who wrote lovey-dovey messages on her facebook wall every day.

Two years later, after graduating college, I checked her facebook wall again.  She had just married the dude and now she had all these pictures of herself with these SMOKING HOT women around her.  What the hell was that about?

After some further research, I found out that she’s now a cheerleader for an NFL football team.

So… boo-ya.  I fucked an NFL cheerleader.

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