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Q&A: What’s the Right Body Language to Attract Women?

Q&A: What’s the Right Body Language to Attract Women?

What’s up guys.  Due to a couple private messages I’ve gotten, I decided to start a Q&A section of this site where I’ll give out some pointers rather than just talking about my dumb sexual exploits.  I don’t know how many of you will heed my advice, but I figure fuck it, why not? I’ll gladly get up on my pedestal.  So, this week’s question is:

What’s the Right Body Language to Attract Women?

Though this question might seem a bit simple or obvious, I actually think this is one of the best questions you could ask when it comes to picking up women.  At least 50% of the time that I’m out talking to women, this is what I’m focusing on.  I’ll call it the 5 keys to body language:

  1. Eye Contact
  2. Powerful Voice
  3. Physical Contact (Touching)
  4. Expressiveness
  5. Posture

I’ll get into each in detail below, but let me just say right now that if you focus only on these 5 things, there’s hardly another thing you ever have to learn about picking up women.  These are the real fundamentals that make a man attractive to a woman, before she ever considers a word that comes out of his mouth.

Eye Contact
Everybody says how eye contact is important, literally everybody, from your mother to your boss to your second grade teacher… but seriously, people still don’t fucking get it.  Look people in the eye.  Stare them deeply in the eye.  Make sure they know you will look them in the eye as long as goddamn necessary until they realize that you’re a fucking man who respects yourself and also respects them.  That’s what eye contact says to another person – I’m listening to you, and I’m I’m not afraid of what you’re saying nor who you are.  You can respect me, and I’ll respect you. Done.  If you’re sucking with women, there’s a great chance you have bad eye contact.

Powerful Voice
My voice is one of my greatest assets.  I’ve been told ever since I was a little kid that I should be a radio announcer because I have a deep baritone voice.  At this point in my life, I accentuate it as much as I can because I know what a great reaction I get out of people when they hear my deep, powerful voice.  If your voice sucks, do voice lessons.  Practice breathing into your diaphragm and speaking from your diaphragm while all that air is in your lungs.  The air pushes your voice out much louder and deeper.  Practice letting all the air out of your lungs slowly while grunting/bellowing until you can feel your whole chest vibrating to the pitch of your voice.  That’s your voice’s resonant frequency – speak to women in that frequency, and they’ll feel how damn powerful your voice is.  It’s a huge turn-on for chicks.  Seriously, take voice lessons or just look them up on youtube.

Physical Contact (Touching)
This part is important, and it also has to be done right.  You want the girl to see you as a person who’s comfortable with touching women, but it’s got to be a chill, mostly platonic dominant touch like you would have with a friend or girlfriend.  You don’t want to be creepily touching her just because you’re “supposed” to touch them or something.  Don’t do weird things like offer to give them a massage, this is the ultimate creeper move.  Just move them around, be confident and relaxed, and be aware of how comfortable they are with you.  It’s normal to touch girls.  Getting them comfortable with being physical around you means it won’t be awkward when you go to move in for the kiss or whatever later on.  Greet them with a hug and kiss on the cheek, etc.

Own your space.  Make big gestures and be animated.  Don’t be hyper, just be animated.  Make clear facial expressions and get girls wrapped up in your world.  Talk with your hands, it helps to control the point of focus in the conversation.  Just be a little bit larger than life – this is what charismatic people do, and it makes you easier to relate to when people are first meeting you.

When you look at a girl, do you find her more attractive if she’s standing with her head up and proud, or down and depressed?  Well, it’s the same for guys. In the words of Tupac, you gotta keep ya head up.  All the time.  Most people tend to duck their heads when they’re in uncomfortable situations.  This is a terrible habit that not only breeds back pain but makes you look like a weak-willed bitch.  Keep your damn head up.  There’s no way Prince William would duck his head in the presence of one of his buddies, and either should you.  Girls will immediately treat you with more respect when you walk around as if you’re the man.

I hope I was clear enough in describing these.  They’re the top 5 reasons why I’ve banged a great number of the girls on my list – focus on the fundamentals, you can always improve your body language.  It’s the difference between you being a somewhat attractive guy and a “hot” guy.

It’s the hot guys who get laid.

Watch some movies with Brad Pitt and George Clooney.  They’re the ultimate masters of using their body language to attract women.  Model their body language – it’ll do wonders for your game.

Signing out,

Matthew Bunny

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