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Frustration Led Me To A Seduction Website

Frustration Led Me To A Seduction Website

So after my dearest love broke up with me, I was in shambles.

I realized that I was attending a state school that was just filled with hot women, and I didn’t know any of them.  I was shy, and I knew I wasn’t anywhere near to achieving my potential.  What was it that made those other college guys so much better with girls than I was?  What separated them from me?  I was good-looking and in ridiculously good shape  from a rigorous weightlifting regimen.  I was extremely smart, I was easy to get along with… to be honest, I had no idea why I wasn’t getting tons of opportunities to hook up with girls.

This was college… where was the ridiculous college lifestyle everybody promised?

I’d already spent a semester and a half without banging ANY college girls.  Not a single one, and not really any prospects either.  This had to change.

If I was going to be single in college, I was going to have to do it right.  Fuck this crying to myself bullshit.  I had to find the answer.

That’s when I remembered a site that a friend of mine had shown me months before, back when I was happily in a relationship and thought I had no need for it.  A site where guys discussed their methods for attracting women.  Guys were systematically designing methods to get chicks.  It was exactly what I needed.

I went to that site and started poring over the materials and the forums there.  Openers, routines, hypnosis patterns and acronyms galore.  Yes, this was just about the nerdiest way to start picking up chicks, but to a systematic and logical guy like myself, this was something that was really speaking my language.

My goal was to learn EVERYTHING.  I wanted to memorize the patterns and break it down to a perfect science.  I was very good at learning things… this should be easy.

There were thousands of pages of forum posts, and most of it was relatively unorganized.  Some guys had their own methods, and I read through these extensively.  Then I’d move onto the next guy’s method, and so on.  I memorized all the acronyms, I downloaded ebooks off of torrent sites, I started posting on these forums every day trying to get my shit together.  I started to see what they were talking about in the real world every day, and analyzing my surroundings.

I couldn’t get pickup out of my head.  I was literally obsessed.  It was all I thought about, all I wanted to talk about.  Eventually I got one of my friends from high school into it, and we read and tried out some of the stuff together.

For the most part, I was too shy around girls to actually try the stuff in real life, which greatly slowed down my learning curve.  But I was constantly reading, and I was constantly going out to college parties now.  Every party I could possibly attend, I went.  I just had to get out of my room and out meeting people.

I started making connections at the frat houses and hanging out at some of my friends’ dorms.  I started introducing myself to some of the girls.  It was pretty fun actually, pretty exciting.  I saw the cool guys who were getting the girls at these parties, and I started modeling myself after them.  I took note of the way they acted, how they joked around with each other and carried their body language.  I did my best to become friends with these “alpha male” guys so that I could learn more about how they acted in their regular life.  Seriously, what separated them from me?

I still missed my ex-girlfriend, and thought about her every fucking day.  But day by day, as I focused on my new obsession of picking up women, I was able to take my mind slightly off the misery.  The ability to attract women was quickly becoming my #1 passion and obsession in life.

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