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Gettin Head From a Brazilian Chick in a Field

Gettin Head From a Brazilian Chick in a Field

So the summer after my sophomore year I worked at the same summer camp I used to go to when I was a little kid, but just for one week of the summer to kinda stop by and see everybody.

So at that camp there are these ladies that prepare the food for us, and half of them were on some kind of foreign exchange program from other countries so they could see the USA.  What sucks for them is that they probably didn’t realize they’d be stuck in some kitchen in the middle of upstate NY most of the time and not actually seeing much cool stuff.  They got a pretty shitty deal if you ask me.

But whatever.  Two of these girls were very hot – one was from Sweden, and the other was from Brazil.

Now every time that we went to get food, breakfast lunch and dinner, these ladies would be there serving it and cleaning up after us and everything, and basically they were much hotter than any of the women attending our weird camp.. so all the guys would talk about them.

So I was like, shit.. I gotta try to work game on at least one of them.  I mean, how often do I get a chance to try to hook up with a legit hot chick with a sexy foreign accent who can barely speak english?! And since they were out in the middle of nowhere, you can be pretty damn sure that they were horny and not gettin’ any.

So I started chatting with the Brazilian one one day at lunch, just saying hi and asking some basic questions about where she was from… her english was terrible so it was a bit of a challenge to communicate.  So I had to rely on a lot of eye contact and smiling and stuff.. which is all good for pickup anyway, so not too much of an issue.

They ended up getting invited to play some games with us that week and also there was some kind of cheesy dance party we threw one night that they came to.

So at the dance party I got to talking to her out on the deck, and she seemed pretty interested because she was sticking around me a lot and smiling and all this stuff.. so I felt like it was going well.  I started touching her a little and she was receptive to it, so after about a half hour of standing around struggling to communicate I asked her if she wanted to go walk around outside.

We walked down to some gazebo and started making out, which was sweet.  Then we went back to the party, I guess because I was a pussy and didn’t want to move too fast.

So the next night we had a big fire where everybody went outside to play drums and cook s’mores and whatever, and the girls came to that too.  So all night we sat next to each other being all cute, and then once everybody had gone to bed I went and grabbed a sleeping bag and we hooked up and she blew me in the sleeping bag.  Woohoo!  I didn’t have any condoms, so who knows I probably could have banged her but whatever.

Then we fell asleep, and when we woke up around 4am it was fucking FREEZING and I thought I was possibly going to die of cold.  I clearly remember it being so cold that I could hardly think of anything besides getting inside.  So I drove her back to her cabin and then I went to sleep in mine.

I got her email address, and tried to look her up on facebook the other day but no luck.  Oh well.

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