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#6) A Little Indian Girl, Quick Social Circle Lay

#6) A Little Indian Girl, Quick Social Circle Lay

Now that I was living with my buddy D in my sophomore year of college, we were hitting up a lot of parties together.  And one of the best parts about that was that his older sister was a senior at our college. She lived with a bunch of guys who threw a lot of parties, and so we were over their house about once a week getting trashed and hanging out with older kids.

One night we were all hammered and hopping from one house party to another, and D’s older sister told me that I should try to hook up with her friend.  Her friend was a little indian girl with a cute face and a pretty tight body.  I was definitely down.  I just wanted to fuck anything.  I was horny as shit.

“Great, let’s do it” I said.

She went off and started chatting giddily with her Indian friend.  Sweet… I knew all I had to do was play it cool and not really mess anything up.  D’s sister was doing all the leg work for me.

We got back to their house, and the indian girl and I ended up awkwardly hanging out in her room.  I was still very unsure of myself, so basically I was scared to make the right move when the time came.  I found myself sitting on her bed at 3am strumming her acoustic guitar and pondering how I could make a move on this girl without embarrassing myself or getting rejected.  I was ultimately concerned with not looking like a creep, and with not getting rejected.

She sat down on the bed next to me and we were kind of touching shoulders. I thought to myself.  “Fuck, this is it.  I have to make a move now or forever be held in creepy friend status.”

I looked over at her and said “Hey.”  She looked up, I met her eyes and kissed her.  We started making out pretty heavily, then she got up to close the door and turned the lights off, and we fucked.  That made her the sixth woman I’d slept with.  Awesome.

Three years later, I was talking to my cousin who went to the same school as us and was the indian girl’s age.  It turns out that her future boyfriend was his future roommate, and my cousin hated this dude with a serious passion.  So when the guy really pissed him off one day, my cousin responded with a one-liner text message that was pretty good.  “Yeah?  Well, my cousin fucked your girlfriend.”

Boooooom.  I’m glad when my sexual exploits spread cheer throughout the world :)

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    I hope They’re Natueally Busty and Love Fucking-N-Sucking ples being Fondled and Sucked Dry!

  2. Philip Cock 16 April 2010 at 6:39 pm Permalink

    Cum lets Fuck!

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