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My First Kiss

My First Kiss

When I was 12, I was a serious dork. Straight up. I played Final Fantasy video games all day and read fantasy novels and did really well in school. And I acted in plays sometimes. And in one play that I was in, my best friend and I were convinced by somebody else involved with the play to go to this summer camp that they went to where they dressed up like role-playing characters and did live action role-playing.

That’s right.  My first kiss occurred at a live action role-playing camp, just like they have in that movie Role Models.  In fact, most of my first sexual encounters happened there, because there were practically no rules.  It was a serious hippie sleep-away camp that was run by two old hippies who would go into the woods and smoke weed together while a bunch of teenagers ran amok and basically drank, did drugs, and hooked up with each other in tents while nobody was around. And once a week we’d all dress up in costumes and pretend to be fantasy characters and hit each other with foam swords or cast spells on each other.

As I said, I was a crazy little kid, and this was RIGHT up my alley.  But more than that, it was the freedom of being away from authority figures.

When I arrived at this camp, I knew my life would never be the same again.  No parents?  Holy SHIT.  I was 12 and my mom was always insanely protective.  So anyway, I went to this camp for one week with my best friend, and for the next 9 months we did nothing but beg and cry to our parents to let us go back the next summer, and that system continued for the next few years until I was like 17 and started to realize that going to role-playing camp was no longer the best way to pick up chicks.

So anyway, when I was 13 it was my second summer at this camp and I met a girl who was really shy and dorky and 2 years older than me.  I loved the idea of being with an older girl, ever since I was a wee little tyke, so my 13 year old boner was all about this girl.  She was not so fantastic looking, but she was nice and older, and that’s all that mattered.  We held hands once or something, and then at this fire circle at the end of the summer we kissed.  It was like a 10 second make-out.  And I was in heaven, man.  My first kiss, AND it was with a chick 2 years older?  Wow.  This was amazing.  So much better than getting ignored by the girls at school.

I fit in with these hippy role-playing kids.  They were so nice and accepting.  I finally felt like I had a place somewhere.  Too bad it was only a couple weeks out of the entire year.  Seriously, my life was torturous back then.  I hardly want to think about it.

Me and her wrote emails back and forth to each other for months afterward.  Every day I would come home from school and immediately check my email for her page-long message, and craft one myself.  Then things kinda slowed down as we eventually ran out of stuff to talk about.  We would see each other the next summer, but by that time things were a little different and I was interested in some new girls.  This was the last romance I had with this particular girl, but I will never forget that first kiss sitting by a fire.  Talk about validation.

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