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My First Truly Hot Girl

My First Truly Hot Girl

A couple months after it ended with the chick who took my virginity, I was still 17.  School year of 2003.

We were juniors in high school, and my buddy’s parents were out of town, so he threw a high school rager at his house.  Pretty much everybody from my school was there (which didn’t take much, there were only like 60 kids in our class).  Kids were running around drinking beers left and right, some had never drank before in their lives, they were challenging each other to contests and trying to prove who could drink the most… we were truly living it up.

We didn’t have many parties back then because of how lame our school was, so this was a seriously special occasion.  A lot of people were sleeping over, and there was potential for hooking up with a girl.  And not just any girl.

One of my good (girl) friends brought her HOT blonde friend along with her to the party.  At least an 8.  Holy god.  I was excited.  Was it possible that my friend could hook me up with this amazing vixen?

I’m talking somewhere around 5’7, gorgeous long blonde hair, perfect 17 year old body and some giant boobs.  And her face was awesomely cute.  Ugh.

I was getting pretty drunk off whatever cheap beer we had there, and they showed up a little late to the party so I knew I had some work to do.  I started catching the girl’s eye and talking with her friend to get her to notice me a little.  I saw her laugh at a couple things I said.  Wow, did she just glance at me when it didn’t seem like I was looking?

I had this feeling.  I had a feeling that I was about to move onto a glorious path that night.  While my other friends were content chugging beers with each other and possibly chatting with the lackluster girls we went to class with, I was making headway with the only smoking hot blonde at the party.

I was nervous.  I had this deep, deep-seated feeling that I wasn’t good enough for this girl.  Why should she like me?  All the girls in my school didn’t like me enough to hook up, she would figure it out that I wasn’t on the same level as the guys she knew from her school.  No fucking way this could go down…

But as the night went on, she paid more and more attention to what I was saying, and we ended up talking and drinking beers together.  She was following me around the house and smiling at me and laughing at my goofy jokes.  Holy shit, she liked my dumb jokes.  Was she perfect?

As the night got later, I started thinking about how I could possibly pull this off.  I went upstairs and looked around and realized that there was still a room open.  So with my fantastic drunken boldness I whisked her into that room… and the rest was history.

For one full night, I had that perfect, fucking perfect 17-year-old blonde angel laying in my arms kissing me and letting me suck on her boobies.  She didn’t let me go down her pants, but I was content with nibbling on the excellent nips.  It gives me a head rush just thinking about it now.  Man, I just shivered.

This was a bigger shot of confidence than almost anything I could have gotten at that point.  I had hooked up with other girls by then, and even lost my virginity already, but it wasn’t to a socially proofed COOL girl like this.  She was a girl that the coolest guys in local regular high schools were hitting on.  I felt like I was cheating the system that night or something, man.  She was the first girl I’d hooked up with through a school social circle that wasn’t at summer camp or something weird like that.

This made me feel legitimately cool for once.

The next day, I found out that she had a boyfriend.  That boyfriend happened to be the quarterback of the local high school football team.

I felt like a god.  I was a little scared I might get my ass kicked, but I was more fucking psyched that I was getting one over on some dude who probably got more hot chicks than he knew what to do with.

I hung out with her once or twice more a little bit after that, hooking up once, but she was always hard to get in contact with.  She wouldn’t pay much attention to me when I’d message her, and it slowly fizzled out.

I would run into this girl again, years later.  We will be revisiting her.  But for now, we’ll leave it there.

Shiver me fucking timbers, I love women.

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