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My Second Kiss, From A Hotter Chick

My Second Kiss, From A Hotter Chick

It was year 2000 and I was 14. It was the last week of the summer at role-playing camp, and I was up late hanging out with this older girl who I talked with sometimes. At this point I’d been flirting with a few girls around camp, and I was gathering some attention. I was still too young to really do any damage, but I was starting to get my mojo flowing around these kids. So anyway, this girl was like 17 and 3 years older than me. And she was pretty cute, and pretty advanced.

I had heard some stories about her around camp that she might have had s-e-x with one of the older guys at the camp, and this intrigued me very much.  I knew she was way out of my league, but that almost made it feel easier for me to push the envelope… I guess because the rejection wouldn’t be as real if I was prepared for it in advance and it was from somebody so much older, and with the premise of a joke.

So back then I would write these cheesy poems that were meant to be a joke, and I would read them to people.  They were super cheesy and everyone enjoyed them because I was like this little sarcastic quirky kid.  So I had my notebook out when this girl came over, and I started writing her a four-line nonsense poem about my deep and eternal love for her and how I would never forget how beautiful she was. Or something.

And she enjoyed it and thought it was cute.  Then she wrote her own for me.  It was something about my eyes and how they are as blue as the sea.  I remember that quite clearly, even to this day.  Talking to hot older women was like crack back then, and it still is.

So then I started asking her about her love interests, and I told her that I wasn’t very experienced with girls.  I said I didn’t really know how to make out or anything, and I asked her if she would give me some coaching so I could really knock the socks off of these younger girls.  I was a sly dude, even back then.

So she started mouthing how you do it, with her lips in the air.  She said that you should lick your lips first, and then make them very full and puffed out so they’re soft, and then kind of pull gently on the other person’s lips.  Well, the sly dude that I was, I feigned confusion and said that I didn’t really get it.  “Let’s just try it really quick, like a practice round.”

She was not too eager about this, but I could tell she was interested because she didn’t totally say no.  Man, this was awesome, this girl was 3 years older than me!

So I insisted that she show me, and we got closer and she gave me like a 3-second kiss on the lips. Wow.

It was over almost immediately, but holy shit, I was psyched.

I never looked at that girl the same again.  I didn’t know shit back then, but I managed to get a short makeout with what was then a super hot chick.  Awesome.  Gloryyyy times.

Then a couple days later, the week ended and I had to start high school.  From awesome role-playing camp to that.  Scaryyy times. Why was I able to get a kiss at role-playing camp from a girl 3 years older, but still all the girls at school completely ignored me?

Even worse, when I got home I talked to one of my best friends and found out that while I was at camp he hooked up with this girl that I had been hanging out with and “dating” ..or something.. before I left.  It crushed me.  I really liked that girl, and now she liked my friend instead.  He got all the girls, I got none.  Not fair. Fuck. All I was left with was the memory of kissing an awesome girl, and a scary new school with all new people to look forward to.  I was screwed.

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