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#9) A Self-Absorbed, Crazy, Hilarious Bitch

#9) A Self-Absorbed, Crazy, Hilarious Bitch

This post is closely related to my last one about banging my best friend’s girlfriend during my sophomore year of college because this girl was another of her very good friends.

Basically, this girl was totally nuts.  She wasn’t the most attractive girl, I’d say she was about 10-15 lbs overweight, but she was only like 18 so it wasn’t really that bad.  Her face was nothing special either.  But what I really enjoyed about this girl is that she was just fucking hilarious.  Like every time she would walk into a room everybody would kind of turn to her because she was constantly the center of attention.  It may be hard to describe this type of person, but she exists and everybody was pretty entertained by her.

So anyway, I love these types of people who can really work a room, and she was one of them.  It made me want to fuck her mercilessly, despite the fact that she was like a straight up 6 on the rating scale.

So we’d all go out as friends and get blackout drunk and then end up hooking up or something, and one night I just kind of woke up in her bed and it was pretty funny.  But to be completely honest I kind of liked this girl.  Which is weird to say, because now my standards are definitely higher and I’d never really be attracted to a 6 like that.  But back then I had a little less confidence in myself so I was happy to be occasionally gettin it.

What sucked was that she was totally nuts, so every time she’d get drunk she’d act all into me, but then in the morning she’d pretend like she didn’t like me any more and make these retarded jokes about how she hated waking up when I was there.  Which is perfectly justifiable, I should have gone up to my goddamn room after banging her.  But whatever, I was retarded and still learning the ropes to this stuff.

So anyway, I could tell that she was starting to like me and playing these games to try to get me more attached to her, and then I ended up banging one of her best friends.  As described in the last post I linked to at the top.

She found out, and basically gave me the dirtiest looks I’ve ever received in my life for the next two years. It was pretty terrible.  I actually felt pretty bad, because that bitch could be seriously scornful… and she was one of my pretty good friends while that was going on.  It sucked.

Soooo I guess the moral of the story, similar to the last story, is not to fuck around with girls who are best friends unless you really don’t care about never seeing them again.  Argh.

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2 Responses to “#9) A Self-Absorbed, Crazy, Hilarious Bitch”

  1. roman 16 June 2010 at 9:19 pm Permalink

    whats good homie? after reading this brief story of yours, it made me realize that i myself am rather in the same boat. I just about wrapped up my second year of college and pretty much met the dave chappelle version of a college chick. energetic, funny, and always a headturner when walking into a crowd; this girl had the personality to outweigh her flaws.

    similar to your story, we would both go out and get smashed while later returning home for a good ol hook up session. everything felt solid during those nights that we would be together but only thing was the follow day it would seem as if nothing ever happened…she wouldn’t bring it up and sometimes leave the room when I was there and so forth, you get the picture…

    anyways my question for you, since you seem far more experienced than most of my friends with the strategic game of getting women… is that i want to move forward with her but is this a recipe for disaster?

    what are your thoughts about odd yet hilarious bitches like these?

    get at me.


  2. admin 28 June 2010 at 4:18 pm Permalink

    Hey Roman,

    Sorry it took me a while to respond. Here are my feelings on this kind of stuff…

    First off, let me say that it sounds like you have a good thing going here, and you could potentially ruin it by trying to get her more emotionally involved with you. You’re in college… I think you should just have fun messing around, and if she’s able to control her emotions in a way that she can hook up with you at night and not make it any more serious than that, then I’d let her. You get the best of both worlds – pussy and no strings attached. I realize this might not sound that great when you don’t have a ton of options, and would be happy just tying one girl down, but you’re better off going out there every night and partying your ass off and working on your flirting skills because college is the best time to develop that skill set.

    That said, you have to go after what you’re interested in. Obviously you’re interested in this girl, so I say there’s no harm in going after it. But it depends what you want. If you want a serious relationship, then try it out. Personally, I wouldn’t do the serious relationship thing in college because there’s just too much fun stuff going on to be worrying about some significant other. But if you like the girl and that’s what you want, then go for it. Just make sure you’re not getting into a relationship simply because you want to own the girl or control her. That’s a recipe for disaster, because no girl can really be controlled, just like no guy can either. Only do it if you genuinely are only interested in hooking up with that girl and are happy being a one-woman kind of guy.

    If the girl is pulling weird shit like ignoring you during the daytime, but being all about you at night when she’s drunk, it probably means she’s insecure about herself and maybe wants to see you put in a little more effort before she’s willing to put herself out there and show her feelings to you. Girls are suckers and always get attached faster than we do, remember that. But they’re also experts in covering it up, and will defend themselves until the bitter end if they can avoid public embarrassment. So if you want to move forward with the girl, and she seems into you when you’re both drunk (truth serum) then show her that you’re serious about her. Tell her you want to take her out on a date or do something a little more official, and ask her if she’d be interested in trying that out.

    That said, if the girl is low self-esteem it’s probably more trouble than it’s worth, because once you’re in a relationship with them they’ll start trying to get your balls in a vice and giving you a bunch of bullshit. That’s not the kind of relationship you want, particularly in college. It just gets annoying.

    So my final verdict after this rather lengthy reply, would probably be to just enjoy the fact that you have a cool hookup buddy and keep it that way while you can. See if you can get another couple of them, and then you’ll have a fun harem and you won’t worry so much about trying to get in relationships with any one girl.

    Let me know if that helps, and keep me updated!

    Matthew Bunny

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