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#8) I Had Sex With My Best Friend’s Girlfriend

#8) I Had Sex With My Best Friend’s Girlfriend

This is a post that I’m not so proud of, but I decided at the beginning that I would write out every girl that I’ve banged and how it went down… so this one’s going in there as well.  Here’s what happened.

So it was sophomore year of college and my best friend D had met this freshman chick the first couple weeks that we were there.  He started hooking up with her, and we got to be friends with all these freshman kids that lived on her floor (we were all in the same dorm).  So we were going out with these kids all the time, partying like crazy, getting blackout drunk and making terrible decisions.  Making out with multiple chicks at the same time in basement frat parties and doing all the dumb shit that college kids do.  It was a fucking blast.

D started getting a little more serious with this girl over the next couple months, and they became official boyfriend/girlfriend status and everything.  Now I was also becoming good friends with his girlfriend, and I was hooking up with her best friend (who will be in the next post).  It was a pretty crazy environment where everybody was flirting with everybody else and hooking up all the time and all I was concerned with was fucking anything that walked, as fast as I possibly could.

I finally started feeling like I was getting to be a real pimp and starting to see some good success with the pickup artist stuff I’d been studying for almost a year at that point.  However, I still was at this point of extreme emotional immaturity where I didn’t really have confidence in myself to pull a lot of hot girls, so any chance I got I would take.

So basically, there was a lot of sexual tension that had always existed between myself and D’s girlfriend.  It tends to happen between a girlfriend and any guys around because that’s just how sexual tension works.  If there are barriers that wouldn’t allow you and a girl to hook up (another great example is two people who work together.. which is why people who work together are always hooking up secretly) then it just seems safer for the two of you to flirt with each other, because it’s all “safe” … or something.

But then you introduce extreme amounts of alcohol into the mix, and the fact that we were like 19, and what do you get… barriers that are broken down.  Also, I’m a complete douche and I made a serious mistake.

So, one night I was extremely drunk and so was D’s girlfriend, and D was nowhere to be found.  So we started talking about some shit and getting closer to each other and talking about how much we like each other and then she blew me.

And at that point I was basically in kill mode, and decided that I had to have her completely and fuck her.  I realized consciously that this was a terrible thing to do to D, but I guess I just didn’t give a shit, or understand the value of a friend over some dumb bitch.  So the next night the same thing basically happened (because we drank to near blackout pretty much every night) and I ended up fucking her.

It was good sex, very emotional obviously and very forbidden.  But it was not worth it.

The next day she ended up telling some people because she felt too guilty about it, and for the most part I lost a lot of friends out of that group of people.  So did D, because as it turned out, one night while his girlfriend was passed out in the same bed as one of her other best girl friends (who happened to be a total whore), he got in bed with them and had sex with his girlfriend’s friend.  While his girlfriend was in the same bed, asleep. HA.

So basically we were both fucked, and though D was quite pissed at me for banging his girlfriend, everybody else was more pissed off at D for pulling off such a ridiculous act of infidelity.  So D and I both are hated by about 10-15 people in that dormitory now, though I haven’t really seen any of them in a while.  But we got a pretty bad reputation for being total scumbags.

This really sucked because I lost some good guy friends on that floor out of the deal, and I also lost the trust of my best friend, though we ended up working it out after a while and becoming pretty good friends again.

For the record, that shit’s just not worth it.  This for me is the ultimate example of not shitting where you eat.  You have to have boundaries in your life.  Hopefully I’ll never make a mistake like that again.

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