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#5) “So, You Wanna Have Sex?”

#5) “So, You Wanna Have Sex?”

Going into my sophomore year of college, I was REALLY excited.  It was going to be a whole lot different from the first year.

You see, my freshman year I was an idiot and decided to live in the honors student dorms.  Which basically meant, I was surrounded by nerds and the least hot girls I could have asked to be surrounded by.  Also, my roommate was completely boring and never partied at all.

Sophomore year, I was going to be living with my best friend from high school (we’ll call him D.) D was a menace to society, and had already banged a ton of girls.  Way more than me, that’s for sure.  He was a true natural.  So I knew it was going to be a much wilder year than the one before… and I was absolutely right.

So the first week that we were hanging out at school, D meets some freshman girl in a cafe across the street from our dorms.  She’s this extra-hot little spanish girl with a nearly perfect body.  She was about 5 foot nothing, probably around 100 lbs, and C or D-sized titties.  Cute face, tight little ass.

And she was really chill.She’d just broken up with her boyfriend who’d been with her through all of high school, and she was down to have some fun.  Awesome.

So the night that he met her, D invited this girl over to smoke week in our dorm room.  The three of us took some shots of jack daniels and went wandering around campus.  It seemed like she was into both of us, though D had dibs on her since he was the one who met her and everything.  So I ended up hanging out in somebody else’s dorm that night.

Later that night I come home and he told me that he banged her out after I left.  Excellent work, D.

Now a couple nights later, she ended up coming over to hang out again and for some reason D went off to do something else, so I was hanging out with her.  We were flirting and taking shots in my dorm room, and I definitely felt like I could make a move, but it felt weird because D had already banged her earlier that week.

So I’m kinda dragging my heels, and it starts to feel kinda weird, like when that window of opportunity is about to pass you by.  And then she comes out with this:

“So, you wanna have sex?”

Wow.  Holy shit.  Am I in a movie?

“Uhh.. Yeah.  Definitely.”

I was fucking nervous as hell.  HAHA.

So I just walked over to her and we started making out.  We took our clothes off, and I banged her out.  Her titties were some of the most amazing, perfectly shaped, perfectly 18-year-old giant boobies on a tight frame style tits I’ve maybe ever seen.

The sex wasn’t all that great.  I was pretty inexperienced at that point and definitely didn’t know what I was doing.  But who gives a shit.  Watching those titties bounce around was wonderful…

Then we put our clothes back on and walked out of the room to go do something else.

God bless college girls.

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