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Third Base with a Selfish Cunt

Third Base with a Selfish Cunt

Over winter break of that year, I went to a three-day camp event where I met a new very cute girl who was 2 years older than me.  She had a very pretty face, and I was immediately struck by it.  She was popular, and knew everybody that I did, but I’d never met her before.  I had to have her.

I got her screen name and started chatting with her over that winter and spring.  She was flirting pretty hard with this other kid at camp who was older than her, though, and I didn’t really think my chances were all that great.  Once again, I was going after some girl who was older and had her own things going on.

Well, that summer rolled around and I ended up attending a week-long camp with her when that guy she was interested in wasn’t in attendance.  I talked to her a LOT and spent a lot of time in her tent trying to get comfortable enough where I thought I could make a move.  Basically, my whole plan was to become good enough friends with her where I could just ask if she wanted to hook up, and hopefully she’d say yes.  If she didn’t, I’d just beg and plead and give her my “cute” smile.

She talked a lot about the other guy and how she loved him, and basically I told her that I didn’t mind that she liked the other guy more, and that I just wanted to hook up with her once and then I wouldn’t mind that she’d go back to him once she showed up.

I was absolutely not being the prize, but for some reason I think these girls found it charming enough, I guess because of the raw emotion and honesty combined with the comfort that I’d built with them up to that point.  Plus, almost everything I said was said like it was a joke, so this helped me to say things that were a little more forward, because I could always retract them if they didn’t go over too well.

Sooo anyway, after enough begging and pleading we ended up making out, and I sucked on her boobies which was really cool because I’d never done that before.  And then I went down on her, which I thought was totally awesome.  And she completely refused to go down on me in return. Selfish cunt!

Anyway, I slept in her tent a couple nights in a row and we did that sort of thing, and she always refused to blow me or do anything awesome besides make out.  But at that point in my life, I didn’t even care that much.  I had zero standards, and just getting to lick this relatively cute chick’s hairy pussy was good enough.  Ho hum.

Then her dude showed up like a week later, and nobody told him what we’d been doing.  She started sleeping in his tent, and I was sad, but I pretty much knew it was coming because that WAS the deal after all.

Oh well, chalk it up to my first experience rounding first base.

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