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Two People and A Bottle of Jameson

Two People and A Bottle of Jameson

This is the second post in a three-part series.  You can find the first post here.

I went back to junior year of high school after hanging out with this 20 year old every day for about a week at the end of that summer, and I was obsessed.

I wrote her emails every day and talked to her on instant messenger.  I thought about her non-stop.  I needed to see this girl.

Her birthday was in early October, and she was living in NYC.  This girl’s birthday was always a big event, and this year they decided to rent out a big house and get multiple kegs.  I had to be there!  So I begged and pleaded with my mom and she let me and my friend take the train into the city.  I had just recently started drinking that past summer, so the mere existence of drinking and parties was totally awesome and exciting for me.  Plus, I got to see her around all her city friends. I felt very mature.

The best part was that we weren’t telling anybody about our little romance.  So I saw her at her birthday and the whole time I was just thinking of ways to get her aside so I could make out with her without anybody else seeing.  I’m pretty sure I was successful once or twice that night.  It was fun but mostly uneventful.  The real events would come about three weeks later.

It was late October, and we were doing a Halloween style camp event where everybody dressed up like zombies and shit.  It was pretty cool, and the best part was that I got to sleep in a tent and see this girl.  I had high hopes for making something happen.

As it turns out, she had a bottle of jameson in her tent.  And we started drinking it straight from the bottle.  Now I didn’t have hardly any tolerance at all back then, but we just kept drinking it and I started getting RETARDED drunk.  Not like I felt sick though, luckily, just ultra drunk.  So the rest is basically history… all I remember of the rest of the night is a blur of clothes coming off and boobs and vagina.

I don’t think we had sex that night.  But I’m pretty sure we did just about everything else.

The next morning I remember having my first hangover.  It was ridiculous!  I could hardly move for, like, an hour.  We both showed up late for the morning activities and we were really sketchy about not showing up at the same time… but nobody noticed.

I was high, dude.  It was the BEST feeling.  The kind of feeling you can only feel a few times in your life with pure emotion, before it gets clouded by emotional baggage and loss of feeling.  Before you get that slight detachment, that numbness that separates you from events and makes everything feel like it’s already kind of happened, just in another shape or form.

This was real, like a roller coaster.

If you’d like to finish the story, you can read the next post here: Virginity Shredded.  Heart Also Shredded.

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  1. Kirk Schofield 11 July 2010 at 7:45 pm Permalink

    WOW, I am 40 now but omg does this bring back shit I have not thought about in 25 years and shit I still think about every single day, aka the first love that broke my heart. Now a divorce a kid and strippers and a bitch in the walmart parking lot I never knew the name of and nobody until you ever heard about. Any way, great job putting this all down. I CAN RELATE TO DAMN NEAR ALL OF THIS with slightly diffferent twists hear and there but now the younger chicks 20′s and 30′s are for sexual olymoics and rejection is so damn funny for some reason. Thank you man, I am having a custody fight with the ex over a 10 year old daughter and its so fucking dramatic and upsetting and reading all of this reminds me of the days when trying to talk to some older, hot chick at camp was the biggest most important thing in the world!!! All of the firsts, tits, pussy, blow job, tongued pussy, sex!! Damn I am going to facebook and see who I might find from the past, damn you might get me some old hookup pussy!!!!!@!@!!! If I score I will send my thanks, Oh fuck it thanks , I know I will score!! Good luck and god Bless!!

  2. admin 12 July 2010 at 7:19 pm Permalink

    Haha! That’s awesome. The internet is my favorite place to find women because it’s a lot like ordering takeout food. You just get them to come over your place with the promise of drinking games or movies or whatever, and then you fuck. There’s no work involved, and it makes me feel much like a king.

    And you can get women in all sorts of flavors, just like takeout food. Go get yourself some chinese, or maybe some italian.

    Thanks for commenting, Kirk! I may start writing some new posts now that you’ve inspired me.

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